Welcome to the forefront of urban innovation and sustainability. We are at the intersection of Urban Tech and IoT, driving a revolution in city living through our advanced electric vehicle (EV) solutions. Our mission is to transform urban transportation, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Our approach to urban mobility addresses the critical challenges of modern city life. We're not just about moving people; we're about enhancing the urban experience - reducing traffic congestion, reducing carbon emissions, and significantly improving the quality of life in densely populated areas.

At the core of our innovation is the creation and real-time monitoring of electric vehicles designed specifically for urban environments. These vehicles are equipped with the latest IoT technology, enabling us to collect valuable data to optimize performance, ensure safety, and enhance user experience.

We're redefining urban transportation with a focus on sustainability and smart technology. Our integrated approach combines the production of high-quality EV batteries with cutting-edge monitoring and tracking systems. This ensures the efficient operation of our vehicles and contributes to the broader goal of sustainable city development.

Join us in shaping the future of urban mobility, where technology, sustainability, and enhanced urban living converge to create smarter, greener cities for everyone.

Our Mission

Providing an eco-friendly micro transit solution that enhances tourism, local business, and attractions, connecting guests to lasting experiences with urgency and timeless value.

The Problem

The current public and private transit network is designed for regional movement using archaic methods that does not serve the modern tourist industry.

Unfriendly conditions aboard public transport, such as safety and cleanliness issues, can ruin the tourist experience.

According to surveys, nearly a third (33%) of families say such experiences negatively affect their overall trip.

The Problem

Why it matters - Amplify Clearwater has PUBLISHED that the top legislative PRIORITY for 2023 is a transit infrastructure solution

With the 15 million visitors (2018) that come to our region each year, it’s imperative that we make the necessary investments to keep our economy flowing and Floridians and visitors safe. In addition to highways, our region also moves people and goods with a labyrinth of railways, seaports, and airports, all interconnected to provide services and goods that grow our economy. We will keep fighting to protect the State Transportation Trust Fund. The future health and prosperity of all Floridians is advanced with creating and maintaining sustainable and reliable infrastructure systems.

Support development of multi-modal transportation options and development of emerging technologies to build a system to solve present congestion and address future transit and transportation challenges.

  • Utilization. Vehicles are often driven with little or no occupants adding to additional traffic congestion
  • Labor. Shortage of CDL-certified drivers and the inflated cost of hiring are a challenge
  • InEffective. The existing transport system does not deliver effective rides to the unique needs of tourists
  • UnPrepared. The current infrastructure is unscalable to manage the new hotels and attractions influx
  • Pollution. Driving diesel or gas vehicles in congested streets increases the carbon footprint and works against global sustainability goals
  • Undesireable Outcomes. Offering free rides has unintended consequences that exposes the tourist to our homeless crisis

Our Modern Solution - We aim to provide a dynamic and fun transportation service that enhances visitors experience

Our services are specifically tailored to highlight Clearwater's top attractions, including the beach, the district, the aquarium and the newly renovated Imagine Coachman Park.

  • On Demand All-Electric TukTuk. Using an App, hotel guests and other tourists can hail a TukTuk over to their location and hitch a ride to anywhere on Clearwater Beach, Sand Key, North Beach, South Beach, Coachmen Park and the District.

    This is a Point-2-Point service.
  • 1/2 Day Tours. From any hotel on Clearwater Beach we offer 1/2 day luxury themed tours designed with other local businesses to delight our guests, while leaving behind the hassle of a car.
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Experienced Management Team

The management of Tourism Transit Solution, have more than 55 years of experience in tourism and vehicle operations. Laying the groundwork on a new type of service without any oversize vehicles allows unique opportunities to move people from Hotel to Attractions to Restaurants in a timely manner.

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